Thursday, November 20, 2008

Busy Day and the Zoo

Today went great comparing the sleep we got last night. Ava went to bed at 730pm and wokr up about 1230am and didn't go back to sleep I think 330am, not really sure the exact time. After trying to get her back and all the talking about... She finally moved into our bed and it still takes hour maybe to get her to sleep. She was tossing and turning for a long time. Anyway, we got up soon enough to make it to the dance class. And Cousin Luke came over for 2 hours in the afternoon. Then headed to the Zoo to get some free tickets, so NaiNai and YeYe could come over and go see the lights at the zoo with everyone.
We got to the zoo little early to avoid the traffic. Before we got in the front door we heard either tiger or lion was roaring. And tiger is the animal Ava wanted to see, since we are not going to be there too long. The tiger was upa dn walking!!! Very exciting, this is the 2nd time we hvae seen the tiger doing sometime. Most of the time it just lay somewhere. It would chase us when we run in front of the glass. I took many pics and movies, I will try to put them on the blog.
But the diappointing thing was about the tickets, they are only valid Monday through Thursday. So NaiNai and YeYe would hvae to pay when they come and see the lights.

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