Thursday, July 2, 2009


It all began when Xin just couldn’t stop scratching her bug bites. Mosquitoes love her, so we thought she was just scratching the normal mosquito bites. These bites were different though. They were in a line on her arms and back. A little research showed they were bedbug bites.
First we spread a powder over every part of her room. We covered the bed, the walls, and the carpeted floor. The powder was supposed to dehydrate any bug that touched it. The problem was it didn’t work; Xin was still being attacked nightly. We were going mad.
The next step was to cover every inch of the bed with sealed plastic. That will get them. We washed the bed with a steam vacuum and sealed it with thick plastic and duct tape. That didn’t work either. The next day Xin got bitten twice. I tried to convince Xin that it wasn’t bedbugs. That was a bad idea, she had already caught one.
As soon as I had thoroughly convinced myself that it was not bedbugs, a bedbug ran across the top of the bed between Xin and me, in plain sight. We had them running, that was good. It was filled with blood, which was bad.
I began to research bedbugs. I wanted to know everything about them. How and what they ate, what they liked, where they lived, what they dreamed about. One thing was sure; they didn’t like 106 degrees Fahrenheit. They are like us; they felt feverish at over 98 degrees. They drink our blood; they become prone to our own disadvantages. Blood doesn’t like heat.
It was over 90 degrees outside already, so I figured we only had to turn up the heat by about 20 degrees to kill them off. We sealed the room and turned on four space heaters. The temp in the room reached 120 degrees. Our sample bug died as the blood inside it dried like a scab.
A few days later, a bedbug was discovered running in the bathroom. That was good, we had them running and confused. Even better, it was empty of blood. We chemical bombed all three floors of the house and went out to eat. While we dined they were chemically destroyed.
It has been three days since the bombing. There are no signs of bedbug life.

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