Thursday, June 26, 2008

9 Unnamed lanes

The streets are so new, nobody knows their names. I am sitting in a huge traffic jam. 9 lanes one way. The fumes give me a headache.

Tonight we ate at Zhuli's older sisters' house. Cynthia must address her and her husband as uncle and aunt because they rank one generation higher then her. It is a family respect heirarchy thing. I was told that her house would be beautiful because she was older then Zhuli...that was a joke, but the house was beautiful. Modern a new high-rise building. When the grandson came in, they asked Cyn what he should call her..."aunt"? and she said that she would be called by her name because she didn't like that when she was young. A new generation? I think so.

I saw thousands of color photos of this boy and he was only 6. Starting kindergarden and very smart, he took pictures of the family. He called me uncle, I pronounced some words correctly, we ate, I used chopsticks. I am tired now, I will sleep.

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