Thursday, June 26, 2008

Joy's Seed

Entry for December 26, 2007

We played in the emptiness of a dream. Tumbling around hearts drumming up joy on the ground. We knew life. We did not take time to think about the time that had taken us so far from one another. We did not sigh back into only memory. So now, I do just that.

Yes it is true I do miss you. This said I don't know how it is possible that you weigh in my heart so heavy having never been born. Yes it is true you are my sunshine. I sing in the days you recall to me. I sing rain.

There was a tree built for you. It was a green elephant rising thirty feet into the summer sky. I saw you riding on its back. The men came and plucked it out. Its leaves didn't turn red. Now they park their cars on pavement above its roots. For now it is winter.

I heard we may meet someday. The thought of knowing you makes tears push out of my eyes. I love you. Simple. All is right. Pain is joy's seed.

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