Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rope Swing

Entry for May 20, 2008

An answer to the pounding (milk that cow)

You want me to move: Let’s go then in mind of that place that stills the time and speeds the heart to think. Lets pause there infinite and on the brink. Pause and pause with justice as our cause. But Chaos Nauseam I am doubled over desire, singing bringing praises with the choir.

Lets go then. You pull tight day is light and night...we shall see and we shall see stars and candle light the way, night is day. You light and flexing Being: the rope is taught and without seeing I know you pull (with no effort of your own.) So excuse me as I groan but do not let me fall to grind and moan among the circus brimmed of fire and that angelic choir trimmed and neat, dead under my feet. Do not let walk that street desolate and far. Burned like a red eye cigar I turned like dead I sway far. Not near to hear the peace within that honey voice of blessings.

And here I swing. Should I say it? "we" swing! Here we swing on a rope that is life - paused beauty over the abyssal depths of never. We exist to each other! That is our kingdom, that is our love.

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