Thursday, June 26, 2008

A City Built without Hands

Entry for November 06, 2007
There is a hand guiding me through life. My mind races around in the weeds and it bumps me back on the path. Deja vu moments and dreamlike days sift me through its fingers. I am free only to choose which hand is at work. Sometimes I swear and kick to pin it down and expose it to the world. It always alludes my capture as if it knew 10,000 light years ahead of my attempt. I chase the butterfly as in a dream only to find it is perfectly logical that I am chasing my imagination. That is the thing of Faith that I can not control. I wish to expose it to the world so that I don't seem crazy for going after it. But, I am alone in my quest. Not alone, I imagine many others are attempting to run this race. Endurance is embracing the absurd for a lifetime. Allthough, is not life purely absurd?

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