Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stone Hearted Madmen

Entry for June 28, 2007


Nietzsche is quoted in stone on the sidewalk outside the building I work in. Something like: “intellect is skeptical”. I enjoy walking on his name, rubbing a bit off the stone daily. I thought he was responsible for the holocaust with his philosophy of amorality. Why would a University post his ideas in stone? Don’t they know that Nietzsche’s philosophies led him to suicide? His ideas breed death. He is the philosopher of evolution which oils its wheel with the dead generations of ions. I step on his name. If I can not stop his philosophy I will plod my own over top of it.

I am reading a book about Kierkegaard’s prediction of Nietzschean thought. Soren was the man, he responded to Fredrick before he was even born.

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