Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Love


I have found new love. I am lost in here and there. The faces her can talk but the words don't move me.

We flew in on a huge Chinese airplane. The food on the plane was chicken with rice. They also served another mean of chicken or pork or beef. The taste of the food was strange to me. The people on the plane were almost all Chinese. They seemed relaxed and all around more happy then I have ever seen complete strangers be. Perhaps the Chinese do not feel as if they are strangers.

We arrived in Beijing and came to the Wan's apt. Cyn's aunt had waited with her friend at the airport to pick us up. She was very happy to see me. I could tell by the smile on her face that she is a gentle, caring person. I could tell by her and Cynthia's conversation that they are great friends.

We all went to meet the grandparents of Cyn. Her grandfather gave me a present. A wall hanging (or placemat?) it is a beautiful scean of a bridge and water. Her Grandfather spoke English. He talked to me whild Grandma talked to Cyn and aunt. We talked about China and America with politics and life. We laughed and flowed with English. He is a very big little man whou was given a great opportunity to come to America because he is a wise interpreter. He lived in Pittsburgh and went to Ottowa for 2 weeks and stayed in D.C. He showed me a wall hanging of D.C. that was given to him in America. He said of the Americans: "You like to make friends".

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