Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Dragon in the Stacks

Entry for June 1, 2007


This library is mysterious. Not the place, but the people. Everyone seems to be hiding from everyone else. What are they hiding? Why? It is anyone’s guess as of now. I am new to this environment, but I already feel the urge to close myself up. Joe had a dream that he ran from a dragon and hid in the library. He placed himself inside a file cabinet and hid. He felt ashamed that he wasn’t fighting the dragon. I know that I am a dragon warrior, is this mysterious place a part of my way toward killing the dragon?

I just experience the most outlandish materialism I have ever seen. Dubai is the most materialistic place on the earth today. It has to be the biggest best most of everything. It is sooo aesthetically minded that a sheik who bought a license plate for $6,000,000 said that he would have paid twice that because giving to charity is sublime. Sublime! It isn’t a skip from the ethical world to the spiritual which is normally denoted by the word sublime. Abraham had a sublime experience when he offered Isaac on Mt. Moriah. He was not concerned with the law that said do not murder, he was not held by it because he was sublime to it through the spirit. No, the sublime that Dubai offers is from the aesthetic to the ethical. Wow, what a pathetic transfer, but proper use of the word I suppose. Because of Dubai, it is now sublime to stop thinking of one’s own self and give to others.

There are a lot of student employees that work at this library from Dubai. How does one begin to explain the gospel to a group that thinks they already have the good news?

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