Thursday, June 26, 2008

Down Zhongnan Mountain to Drink and Rest

Entry for June 15, 2007


My love is 100 miles away, I am reading 李白:下终南山

My rough translation into English.

Down Zhongnan Mountain to drink and rest

The setting sun from the blue mountain fell,

The mountain’s moon guided my return;

looking back, I saw the path that brought me there,

lie in levels of deep shadow.

I spotted the farmhouse of a friend,

His tender children set an opening in the thorns.

I entered a hidden way among the green bamboo

The rows of lush growth brushed against my cloths.

I joyfully arrived at my hard sought rest

Beautiful wine and conversation wiped it all away.

Songs grew that were sung like wind through the pines.

The melody like a river exhausted the night stars

Drunken gentlemen restored to joy

United, we let our cares of the world slip away.

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