Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Chinese Flavor of Things

12/11/2000 pt. 2
I climbed "the mountain that is so tall the devil fears he can not climb it" today. What a great name. 2400 steps up 2400 steps down. My legs are on fire! Right now I am sitting with a large group. Cyn's Fathers' family. I am in a military building that I should not be in. No foreigners allowed. There are servants here and the building accomidations are well above par for China. They are deciding what to eat. Scorpion, duck, rabbit, and everything else. I will eat anything now, i am hungry and I have gotten used to the Chinese flavor of things. They are very kind to me. They order somthing that they think I will like. I wish those children could live here. They would love the attention that I am getting.

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