Thursday, June 26, 2008

A City Reinvented


Today Cyn and I went on a walk to go shopping. Beijing is a city that is being reinvented. Down with the old buildings and up with great tall buildings reminiscent of ancient styles of architecture. What a grand place! People tried to sell cd roms and fuji cameras on the street. None of them knew English well enough to convince me. One man called Cyn a prostitute who got lucky by finding me. He misjudged. I don't understand how he felt the freedom or self-righteousness to say those words.

At night we went to a bar where everyone was bored. It was confusing to me because the bar had kareoke and a roller rink. I met a girl who asked: "people tell me that college is supposed to be the most fun part of my life, why am I bored?" All I can do is cry for her. i understand that seh has very little excitement in her daily life and when she is given any free time she dosn't know how to use it. She asked me what I do in America when I have freetime. I told her I listen to music.

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