Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gammorah's Refrain

The statue men

Upon reflection of a fashion designers 50th birthday party I was stunned at how the man elevated himself. I was a bit embarrassed for him, immediately, when I was called to notice a large gold statue that he had placed in the party. The statue was a resemblence of himself. I was embarrassed because I remember getting akward at the age of 12 when my family would come to celebrate my birthday and give me gifts. I wondered how this man was able to press on in the akward reality of adulthood acting like a toddler in celebration of his own birth. It was then I realized the difference. This man had planned his own party. It wasn't his partents who planned the party, but it was his own doing. He could not even exist within the realm of adult reality that I had become aware of at the age of 12.

At this point in my thoughts I decided I could let him off the hook. It became evident that he was underdeveloped in some ways. I was even tempted to pity him. Then a breeze of fresh air blew into my memory. Nebuchadnezzar was a man who had a statue built of himself. He too ran away off the tracks and elevated himself. God found it fit to humble Nebuchadnezzar to the status of an animal outside the walls of the city he had seen built.

Again, "Ozymandias" was a man who had a statue built in his image. Now he too was elevated and brought low by the sands of time. Shelly saw what I saw and sought to put it in its place. He had figured out the laws of God that govern the hearts of men. Shelly did not let Ozymandias off the hook because he could not. It was plain as day that Ozymandias had made a critical error in judgement of what is lasting. I don't pity Ozymandias or Nebuchadnezzar. They had made judgements and those judgments failed, that is all.

It was then that I began to think of these odd men as a group. I imagined them all meeting on an eternal plane with their statues in tow. I wonder what they would talk about? The whole scene seemed comical to me, so I didn't develop it any further. Just now, looking back on that thought, it appears that I stumbled upon the way God views these men in whole. The statue men are comical to Him who knows their makeup and their time. Perhaps I will persue the comical plane in another thought.

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