Thursday, June 26, 2008

Desert Room

Entry for May 23, 2008

I had a dream. It appeared a black fog sat on the shoulders of a class of students. Their backs lined straght, the rows of chairs in place. I peered in through a doorway standing on the sands of a timeless desert. That moment could have been paused for eternity until I noticed one student shifting ever slightly. As to hold in a cough, the student's head moved forward. In reaction to the motion of one, all seemed to notice and adjust their positons at once.

Just then a woman appeared from the corner of the room with a whip and smacked the student who moved first. I say woman not because I know her identity. I say woman because the clothing the figure wore represented women's clothing. A black headcovering and black full length cloth allowed no shape of humanity to be cut. And, even had her garment allowed for her image to show through it, no color escaped the corner she rested in.

Being in such a place as I was, a doorway with a desert behind me, I felt as if the only direction to head was inside the room. When I entered, immediately the room was full of light. I remember the shocking brightness in that place. The students came alive and moved freely about speaking in a language I couldn't understand. The woman tried in vein to stop them as she suffered to hide away from the light.

That is when I saw you. You were in that room.

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