Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Whisper in the Stairwell

Entry for October 23, 2007

I had a dream last night.

Cyn, Ava, and I were living in a beach hotel out in CA. We knew some of the people there from college back in Ohio. We locked ourselves out of the room so we had to climb into the window. It ends up we climbed into the wrong window and I met an old friend who I didn't remember. His face was familiar, and he knew me well. I said goodbye to a crowded room of people and made my way out and back up to our room.

I heard a wisper in the stairwell that I should kneel down to the floor of the landing I had reached. There was railing that was rickety and 5 floors above the street. A body builder type came up the stairs and said hello to me and grabbed my hand. He was trying to throw me over the edge. He asked how I knew to kneel down which made it impossible for him to lift me over. Cyn and I both said God told me at the same time. I threw him over the edge three times before he was dead. He came back twice, but the third time I threw him over and he did three summer saults and hit his head hard on the pavement.

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