Thursday, June 26, 2008

What is that end.


death of the apothecary

so the universe is one spoken command. well, we got it wrong. where did we start wrong? we thought it out for years. were we de-evolving all the way? our minds becomming cluttered with math? our tools corrupted in assumtion? if we were to measure fantasy could we convince the general public? did we? so many questions and regrets piled upon memories. even now in this light we focus inward on our own dead theories. isn't that the only way? what is this other way we rejected and thought foolishness? why do rats jump off a sinking boat? some of us would rather go down with the ship then admit those fools were right all along. they were so antagonistic of our work, we could have done more. i for one am a genius, sir. i am a demigod, a god. i turned water into chemistry. isn't that enough? am i not enough? knowledge has an end? what is that end

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